The COVID-19 Pandemic - Spectacle Frame Sanitisation

The COVID-19 Pandemic - Spectacle Frame Sanitisation

We reached a stage where many practices are re-opening, and we need to manage this “new normal” that we are faced with during the COVID – 19 Pandemic. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is an emerging and rapidly changing situation with new information on best health practices determined daily. Everybody should closely monitor the guidelines set out by the SAOA and HPCSA when it comes to requirements for sanitisation of their practices and frames. 

Because not all frames and sunglasses are made the same, different frames require different cleaning methods.  We suggest that you contact your frame supplier to clarify best sanitisation practices. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one may expose oneself to the COVID-19 virus when you touch a service or object that has been contaminated, and you then touch your eyes, mouth or nose. 

Therefore the assumption can be made that spectacle frames and glasses can potentially become contaminated by COVID-19, and it is important to follow the best practices for cleaning and washing hands as presented by the proper authorities. 

Follow the following steps to clean spectacle Frames:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds (#StopTheSpread)
  • Apply gloves
  • Clean every part of the frame using your preferred method (indicated below)
  • Do not touch your face or anything else during the cleaning process
  • Dispose of the gloves and the wipe (where applicable) after cleaning the frame
  • Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds

Recommended Products that can be used to sanitise frames:

#Soap and Water:

Soap and warm water (not hot water) is a good option for cleaning frames and glasses. 

#Anti-bacterial wipes:

Anti-bacterial wipes are a great option to clean spectacles frames and glasses.  One should, however, contact the manufacturer/distributor of the frames to determine if the material of the frame will not get damaged due to the chemical composition of the wipes. 

#Mild mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water:

A mild mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water is a good choice for sanitising frames.